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So you have every other thing set up for your business, including finding a great business name. And now, it’s time to choose a suitable, quality, and budget-wise Web hosting platform to host your site.


Be rest assured; it is not going to be a simple and straightforward choice unless someone gives you a recommendation. 


This is because there are just too many Web hosting options to pick from, and you can’t exactly try them all. Choosing a great Web host for your website requires sufficient research, which is something you cannot skip if you expect worldwide high-performance visibility for your website.


And in addition to looking to host your website on one of the numerous quality web hosting companies, chances are that you may fear that you will not be able to get the quality Web hosting that you desire, given your limited budget, especially if you are new to the world of Web hosting. But quality doesn’t have to mean “expensive,”  as you can get quality Web hosting companies that are affordable too.


And by the way, “affordable,” in this post, means Web hosting prices that range from $0.99 to $9 per month. 


This article will discuss 12 of the Web hosting companies that fall within this price range and also provide the quality of Web hosting that you seek. Of course, not all of them offer the same services, and certainly, they all have their shortcomings. And this is why this post will compare the unique services of each, their major shortcomings, speed, and customer service.


The post also includes reviews and opinions from experts on some of the top affordable and quality web hosting. So, keep reading to the end to see their reviews.

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And now that is out of the way, let’s get down to brass tacks.

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We start with Bluehost, a Web hosting company with a strong reputation in the industry and have great reviews. They have one of the best uptimes, good customer support, and affordable plans, particularly for beginners. Bluehost’s current pricing plans are as shown below, starting with the cheapest.


PlanDurationIntroductory Cost($)Renewal Cost ($)
Basic36 Months2.95/Month8.99/Month
Plus36 Months5.45/Month11.99/Month
Choice Plus36 Months5.45/Month16.99/Month


It is worthy of note that, like most Web hosting companies, the longer the plan, the cheaper the cost. The plans also include one website, five email accounts, unmetered bandwidth, SSL security, and a one-click WordPress install. Bluehost also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


No one wants a Web hosting company that does not understand the importance of customer service. You don’t want to run into a snag in the middle of the night and have no one to help you resolve it. Bluehost knows this, and that is why they have top-notch customer service. Their customer support options boast a live chat, phone support, and social media support. And you can reach support personnel 24/7/365.


Bluehost provides an intuitive interface that is easy to use for everyone and especially helps beginners hit the ground running. Bluehost’s control panel is the cPanel, a Linux-based platform designed as an administrative tool to help users have an easy and wonderful experience. This feature includes an easy-to-follow setup wizard and video tutorials to help new users find their way around with ease. 


When it comes to speed, Bluehost is average. At 581ms, it is still great compared to many other companies with the same customer size. They, however, compensate for this with an uptime averaging 99.991%.


Bluehost is best for a variety of people, ranging from beginners to those with experience. However, it is especially best for those hosting a WordPress site. It is considered one of the best WordPress hosts, if not the best recommended by WordPress since 2005.


For all its pros, Bluehost has a few cons as well. There is a price jump during renewal, and for another, upgrades and add-ons are costly. Their unlimited hosting is limited, and if you ever have to migrate, you will find yourself having to pay a high price to do this.


Plan Cost ($)Speed (ms)Customer ServiceUnique Services/ FeaturesMajor Cons
Ranges from 2.95-5.45/month581msGreat Live chat, Phone, and social mediaDomain names, Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS, Dedicated serversHigh Renewal and migration costs
   Unique WordPress experienceCostly upgrades and add-ons


SiteGround is a Bulgarian company established in 2004 and is home to over 2 million domains worldwide. The hosting options they offer to a wide range of websites have put them on the radar as one of the most popular web hosting companies in the industry. 


They are an excellent choice for business websites, small personal websites, and large eCommerce websites. Those looking to migrate, especially WordPress users, will find that SiteGround is a great fit for them since they offer an impressive WP Migrator plugin. With all that this Webhosting Company has to offer, it has pretty affordable plans. Let’s take a look at these plans and then discuss some of the upsides and cons of using SiteGround.


The table below shows the prices for SiteGround’s shared hosting plans since it is their most popular service. They also offer cloud hosting services, amongst others.


PlanDurationIntroductory Cost($)Renewal Cost ($)
StartUp12 Months6.99/Month14.99/Month
GrowBig12 Months9.99/Month24.99/Month
GoGeek12 Months14.99/Month39.99/Month


As you must have noted from the table, the cost of SiteGround’s plans is not tied to duration; instead, it is dependent on the special features attached to each. For StartUp, the features include 10GB of web space, one website, and approximately 10,000 monthly visits. GrowBig boasts 20GB of web space, an unlimited number of websites, and monthly visits of 25,000. GoGeek offers unlimited websites, 30GB of storage, and 100,000 monthly visits. There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee.


On the upside, SiteGround has an uptime of about 99.98% on average and a speed of up to 673 ms; they have an easy and intuitive interface with perfectly integrated features; excellent support system boasting 24/7 phone and live chat support systems; they offer free features such as one free migrator plugin, free CDN and SSL certificate.


The major cons of SiteGround lie in their renewal pricing, which is more than double the initial price, limited webspace of up to 30GB, essentially a problem for those with larger sites; extra payment of about $30 for professional migration. There is also a bias in the customer service support system, which gives priority to GoGeek customers.


All said and done, SiteGround is one Webhosting company that’s undoubtedly worthy of mention amongst the best.

Plan Cost ($)Speed (ms)Customer ServiceUnique Services/ FeaturesMajor Cons
Ranges from 6.99-14.99/month673msBiased but Excellent: Live chat, phone, emailStaging, own caching or Git repository,  own power cache by SG Optimizer.High Renewal costs 
   Free integration with Cloudflare or let’s Encrypt and unlimited trafficCostly upgrades and add-ons


If you are looking for a Web hosting company with one of the fastest server speeds, strong uptime, a quick and helpful customer service, A2 Hosting may just be the one for you. Originally from Michigan in the United States, A2 Hosting has been around since 2001 under Iniquinet before it was changed in 2003.


A2 Hosting has four pricing plans under its shared hosting service. They are outlined in the table below.


PlanDurationCost($)Renewal Cost ($)
StartUp36 Months2.49/month10.99/Month
Drive36 Months4.25/month12.99/Month
Turbo Boost36 Months5.99/month20.99/Month
Turbo Max36 Months12.99/month25.99/Month


The Startup plan has unlimited bandwidth, a whopping 100GB storage space, and unlimited email accounts with no other special feature attached. In addition to unlimited everything related to the startup plan, the Drive plan also incorporates 2x server resources and automatic backups. The Turbo Boost plan further incorporates A2 optimized Site Accelerator as addendums to the Drive plan. The only real difference between the Turbo Max and the Turbo Boost plan is their server resources, which is 5x for the former. A2 Hosting takes reliability to a different level by offering an anytime money-back guarantee.


At 305ms, A2 Hosting is at the top of the fastest sharing host providers and has been that way for many years. Combining this with an uptime of 99.98% is a feat very few other hosting companies can boast. Their speed and uptime are not the only things that make them reliable. Their customer support, including around-the-clock live chat, email, and phone, puts them on the reliability charts.


A2 Hosting offers free migration for only one existing website. The migration of multiple websites incurs an extra cost of $10/site. Aside from the ease of sign-up, installing apps such as WordPress, OpenCart, Joomla, and etcetera is a matter of just a few clicks.


Renewal rate, as in most Webhosting companies, is also a con here. In addition to the high renewal rate, users are required to submit a “cancellation request” 15 days before the beginning of the renewal term. Failure to do this will put you on the hook for paying for the next renewal term. This is done automatically without the option of a refund. Another con is the restriction in the storage of the lowest plan and the unavailability of various features. There are also subtle upsells along the signup process as well. But in all, A2 Hosting is not a bad option. Not bad at all.


Plan Cost ($)Speed (ms)Customer ServiceUnique Services/ FeaturesMajor Cons
Ranges from 2.49-12.99/month305msBiased but Excellent: live chat, Phone, emailCloudflare CDN, Anycast DNSHigh Renewal costs 
   Anytime Money-back guarantee15 days cancellation notice


Inmotion is a US-based Webhosting company that is often described as feature-packed, and rightly so. It has a plan that accommodates just about everyone, including shared hosting, WordPress, BoldGrid-based graphical website creator, managed and cloud VPS, reseller plans, bare metal dedicated servers, and the list goes on and on for a while.


Inmotion has come under much fire recently for many shortcomings. However, their pricing plan is not one of them. Let’s take a quick look at them in the following table.


PlanDurationIntroductory Cost($)Renewal Cost ($)
Inmotion Launch24 Months5.99/month10.99/Month
Inmotion Power24 Months8.99/month14.99/Month
Inmotion Pro24 Months14.99/month23.99/Month


The Inmotion launch plan supports two websites, ten email accounts, has 50GB of storage space, 3x performance, free domain features. The Power Plan supports 50 websites,  has 100Gb of storage, 50 email accounts, and 4x performance and free domain features. The Pro Plan supports 100 websites,  has 200Gb of storage, unlimited email accounts, and 6x performance and free domain features.


Inmotion offers free website migration with next to no downtime, that is, if you are bringing in an existing website that you’ve been hosting with a different company.


Some pros of using Inmotion include an uptime of above 99.95%, great customer support, a 90-day money-back guarantee, a wide variety of applications (over 310) including the popular management system, WordPress, very high security, google apps integration, and good eCommerce support.


Inmotion has improved as a sterling WebHost. Their previous con, which was improved, includes having a low speed of about 2.93 seconds, a great turn-off for most users; a delayed verification process, sometimes even needing your picture or ID card; and limitation in some plans, such as not offering free automated backups and having to purchase this service for $2/month for the first 10GB and $1/month for each additional 10GB. Aside from all these, Inmotion is fast becoming a favorite for customers.


The truth is, a few years back, Inmotion would not make it to our list. But now, it seems like a hopeful host company.


Plan Cost ($)Speed (ms)Customer ServiceUnique Services/ FeaturesMajor Cons
Ranges from 5.99-14.99/month290msGood: Phone, email, and SkypeSupports a great number of applications, eCommerce supportLow speed and delayed verification
   Google apps integration 



Home to over 1.5 million sites, with more than two decades of experience, DreamHost deservedly appears on our very small list of affordable and quality Webhosting companies. It gives many features such as free domain for one year, daily backups, pre-installed WordPress, website builder, unmetered bandwidth and disk space, and SSL regardless of the chosen plan makes it a darling to many users.


The table below shows the cheapest prices for DreamHost’s hosting plans

Plan3 Years Cost($)Monthly Cost ($) Yearly Cost($)
Shared Unlimited3.95/month8.95/month3.95/month
Shared Starter2.49/month3.95/month2.49/month


DreamHost features a neat dashboard through which you can perform various functions such as site configuration, creating user profiles, file management, and lots more. However, it is not intuitive enough as a beginner still needs some time to figure it out. 


The above-average speed of 648ms, an uptime of 99.94%, feature-packed plans at such cheap rates, unlimited disk space and network transfer limits, environmental consciousness, and unchanged renewal plan are some of the major pros of using DreamHost.


It has a few cons, though. Amongst these are limited live chat support, no cPanel, and a paid-only migration offer. In any case, DreamHost remains the favorite of many.


Plan Cost ($)Speed (ms)Customer ServiceUnique Services/ FeaturesMajor Cons
Ranges from 2.49-8.95/month648msAverage: Callbacks, live Chat, ticket, and help centerFree daily backup, free SSL, and automated updatesAbsence of cPanel
   97-day money-back guaranteePaid-only migration


Gator Website Builder

Regardless of your position in the website-creation cycle, HostGator has got something for you. Anything from click-drag-and-drop to requesting help from their zealous Migrations Team to help you with the transfer and configuration of your website on their platform for free. Established in 2002 by Brent Oxley, the company remains one of the best and most affordable.


There are four plans available on HostGator:

PlanIntroductory Cost($)
Hatchling Plan2.75/month
Baby Plan3.50/month
Business Plan5.25/month


All of which come with at least one website, one email account, unmetered bandwidth and storage, free domain for the first one year before renewing at $17.99/year, SSL security, website builder, and one-click WordPress installs.


HostGator has an average page loading speed of about 1.2s and makes up for this lag with a good uptime of up to 99.96%. They have the advantages of having lots of experience since they’ve been around a long time, giving unlimited storage to all their plans, unmetered bandwidth, and having flexible plans. They also support a wide range of programming languages, including PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, and Perl. HostGator also has two panels on its backend, which users can access to perform various tasks.


HostGator’s expensive renewal costs, constant upsells in their backend, poor backups, and unreliable customer support are their major disadvantages. 


Considering their features, they are still one of the best bets for anyone who wishes to launch a website on a low budget quickly.


Plan Cost ($)Speed (ms)Customer ServiceUnique Services/ FeaturesMajor Cons
Ranges from 2.75-5.25/month692msFair: Phone, emailUnlimited storage across all platformsConstant upsells
   Wide range of programming languagesFair backups


Bulletproof your Domain for $4.88 a year!

Mostly known for domain registration and management services, NameCheap is also a Webhosting company. One thing that sets them apart from the pack is that they consider internet presence for all a necessity and hence provide affordable access to all that you need to run your website. It is not surprising then that they have over three million clients and manage more than 11 million domains today.


The table below shows the current pricing for Namecheap’s cheapest plan. 


PlanMonth Cost($)Yearly Cost ($)2 Year Cost ($)
Stellar Plus4.88/month2.18/month2.44/month
Stellar Business8.88/month4.80/month4.44/month


These plans include three websites, 30 email accounts, unmetered bandwidth, a free one-year domain that renews at $8.88/year, a website builder, a free SSL for one year, and renews $3.88/year, and bi-weekly backups. They provide a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Although a bit old-school, the dashboard is clear but may take a while to figure out. It also provides access to a cPanel featuring more advanced options and makes life easier for users.


On the plus side, NameCheap has an average speed of 687ms, which is slow but still beats the industry standard. They provide a 100% uptime guarantee, which is the highest so far on our list. They use the latest server technology from brands like HP and Dell. Besides their easy upgrade and bi-weekly backups, they also offer free migration of sites from other hosting providers.


The cons of NameCheap pails in the face of its pros but must be mentioned nonetheless. They have a customer support system described as “lackluster” by some and a drop in uptime after a while.


Plan Cost ($)Speed (ms)Customer ServiceUnique Services/ FeaturesMajor Cons
Ranges from 1.44-8.88/month687msFair: Knowledge baseBi-weekly backupFair customer support
   30-day money-back guarantee; Free migration 



Fat what? Yes. FatCow. And this hosting service is top on our list for all the right reasons despite the unusual name. This web host service gives other Editor’s Choices like HostGator and DreamHost a run for their money, so you really should pay attention to this hosting provider.


This service provides shared web hosting that allows you to view your site as it uses serving resources with a dozen other sites. Pretty amazing, right? The only downside here is there is a high chance of your site becoming unavailable or slow for a while due to other sites’ traffic using the same server as you.


Shared web hosting is the least of the brand’s features. FatCow is designed to offer users a shared web hosting plan, single and Linux-based, and starting at $5.00 monthly. And when you sign up for three years at once, you get a sweet discount of $4.08 per month. This plan gives you tons of bandwidth, unlimited email, and unlimited disk space. You also get a free domain name, which is pretty much icing on the cake.


If you’ve been on the scene for long, you’re probably familiar with WordPress and what it allows users to do: site augmentation without dealing with coding jargon. WordPress is popular and flourishing, and Fatcow offers you Linux-based WordPress hosting. That is, WP Essential at $6.95 monthly and WP Starter at $3.75 monthly. Why should you care? Both plans allow you to customize your site as you go and run it on express speed with email, unlimited storage, and monthly data transfers available in both plans.


The table below shows the current pricing for Fatcow’s cheapest plan. 


WordPress StarterYearly3.75/month
WordPress EssentialYearly6.95/month

Plan Cost ($)Speed (ms)Customer ServiceUnique Services/ FeaturesMajor Cons
Ranges from 3.75-6.95/monthAverage: 930msfair: Knowledge baseFree daily backupPoor support
   30-day money-back guarantee; Free migration$35 early cancellation fee


Web Hosting Hub (WHH) is your go-to web host for affordable but professional service, providing you with three attractive plans to manage a varied range of website traffic. Meaning, no matter how heavy your website traffic gets, WebHosting Hub has got you covered. This hosting service comes with instant perks; you get unlimited disk space, email storage, bandwidth, free site transfer, plus free domain transfers.


 There’s an easy to use website builder, site management from cPanel, and stress-free application installation open-source software. Web design services are also available with WebHosting Hub, and the brand’s service is equipped with excellent customer support through ticketing, live chat, telephone, or email.


Ideally, WebHosting Hub is great for start-up businesses and blogs, which usually have amazing ideas for their brand’s website but not enough capital. If you’re looking for an affordable but reliable hosting solution, WebHosting Hub is the right one fot your business. In fact, this is the brand’s primary goal, together with its other features and freebies. Their onboarding assistance helps you get set up in no time, which is pretty great for newbies to web hosting. With Green Data Center technology, WebHosting Hub strategically reduces its impact on the environment.


The list is nearly endless with WebHosting Hub. There are e-commerce tools to be integrated into your website, a 90-day money-back guarantee, a 99% uptime guarantee, which is less than the 99.9% offered by the average web host, and daily backups at an awesome $1 per month.


WebHosting Hub offers you three affordable hosting pans, namely: Spark, Nitro, and Dynamo.


Spark: This is perfect for newbies who are just getting started. It offers you 5 parked domains and 25 subdomains, 2 websites, and 10 MySQL/postage SQL databases. With this plan, you also get an auto-installed shopping cart, auto-installed WordPress, free website builder, free SSD, and SSH access.


Nitro & Dynamo: Both plans are best for small businesses, possessing all the features Spark will give you, but with these plans, you get to choose which data center to host your site, postage SQL and MySQL, web design discounts of 20 and 30%, parked domains, and subdomains. Let’s break down their overall performance


The table below shows the current pricing for WebHosting Hub’s cheapest plan. 

PlanDurationNew Users Discounted Cost($)Discount
Spark36 Months5.99/month40%
Nitro36 Months7.99/month43%
Dynamo36 Months9.99/month44%

Plan Cost ($)Speed (ms)Customer ServiceUnique Services/ FeaturesMajor Cons
Ranges from 5.99-9.99/monthAverage: 802msProfessional customer support with multiple access channels, e.g., social media, forums, tutorials, etc.Stable, user experience free of the usual crowd when websites share one hostPaid back-ups and domain renewal plus no dedicated hosting plan.
   Solid-state drives provide 20x more than conventional mechanical drives. 

10) iPAGE


iPage is another business that consistently offers economical, inexpensive hosting to users, starting at a catchy $1.99 every month for three years (Regularly $7.99/month for 36 months). Like the few recommendations we have provided in this article, iPage comes with plenty of features you’re going to love. One of them is a super-strong uptime of 99.96%, a track record that is several notches above the industry’s average uptime. This impressive uptime is coupled with a loading time of 746ms.


With a hosting plan under iPage, you get bonus features such as SiteLock, a minimum of two WordPress-based plans, free SSL certificates, limitless disk space, limitless bandwidth, free domain name in your first year of use, and automatic malware removal. iPage provides you with the following e-commerce stores:TomatoCart


a) OpenCart

b) OSCommerce

c) AgoraCart

d) Zen Cart

e) PrestaShop


And open-source apps:Drupal

a) WordPress

b) b2evolution

c) SMF forums

d) Joomla

e) plus Gbook

f) PhpBB

g) Gallery2

h) ZenPopenhoto photo galleries


The brand’s service policy allows you to request your money back if you’re not happy with their service after 30 days. You also get to enjoy excellent customer service through different channels such as ticketing system, live chat, and online desk help.


Let’s break down their overall performance.

Plan Cost ($)Speed (ms)Customer ServiceUnique Services/ FeaturesMajor Cons
From 1.99 monthlyAverage: 709mslive chat, ticketing, online desk helpFree domains, SiteLock, free SSL, strong uptimeExpensive renewal costs, plus no cPanel


For a web hosting service like Hostinger, there’s one little secret you have to know if you hope to get the best out of this brand. It’s simple, just be committed to the brand for a long time. But keep in mind that Hostinger has a peculiar habit of switching plan features.


Notwithstanding, Hostinger’s $0.99 per month is just too irresistible an offer to pass up compared to what other companies charge per month. You’re probably thinking this host is trying to make up for performance and features by charging close to nothing. But in the case of Hostinger, this is not the case as, surprisingly, the cost comes with quality service and hosting.


You can choose from any of their three hosting plans:

PlanWhat It IncludeNew Users 4-Year Discounted Cost($)Renewal ($)
SingleSingle website support, 10GB disk space, 100GB bandwidth, 1 email account.0.99/month2.99/month
Premium100 websites, 20 GB SSD storage, free email, unlimited bandwidth, and more.1.89/month4.99/month
Business100 websites, 100 GB SSD storage, free email, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited databases, GIT access, and more3.99/month8.99/month

It would interest you to note that Hostinger does not come with the conventional cPanel as Hostinger has its proprietary control panel. Bummer, right? But that is okay, as their Hpanel is easy to use.


There’s power caching powered by LiteSpeed Web Server to create copies of your page as a further advantage of the host platform. Hostinger also keeps you and your visitors safe from breaches by providing an SSL certificate with all three of its hosting plans. Just be sure that whatever plan you’re subscribing to comes with an SSL certificate.


Let’s break down their overall performance.

Plan Cost ($)Speed (ms)Customer ServiceUnique Services/ FeaturesMajor Cons
Ranges from 0.99-3.99/month350mslive chat, great multilingual customer support, integrated intercom featuresGreat page load time, strong uptime, easy to navigate, improved security, 30-day money back guaranteeLack of cPanel, obscure money back policy


This is one web hosting service that provides you with reasonably priced hosting plans to suit your needs just fine. JustHost packages come with features that are not only easy to navigate, but these features make it easy for users to create and run a website, whether it’s a business or personal website. Other perks include cPanel access, free domain, and unlimited email accounts.


JustHost gives you all the features of top companies at a fraction of their charges. With its one-click installation of WordPress themes and plugins via Mojo Marketplace, customers using WordPress are adequately cared for. You also get freebies such as a free domain when you sign up and unlimited domain hosting, which allows you to manage multiple sites. 


JustHost also allows you to migrate as many as 20 email accounts and 5 sites, though this extra is open to only shared hosting customers. There’s live chat, ticket system, plus consistent phone and email to provide excellent customer support for you when you have problems or questions. The service’s unlimited GBs of disk space ensures that you aren’t charged according to the amount of bandwidth you use.


With JustHost, users with tons of traffic on their website get to manage that with JustHost’s dedicated hosting plan, which comes with root access, dedicated support, server management, automatic RAID 1, instant setup, enhanced caching ability, and cPanel access.


On the other hand, VPS Hosting with JustHost gives a sweet deal of multi-account management, guaranteed server resources, enhanced cPanel, root panel, and instant setup. The incredible thing about JustHost is that irrespective of the plan you choose, you get super bonuses all the same: e-commerce features, databases, control panel, free website scripts, free SSL certificates, etc.


Via Cloudflare, JustHost provides website owners with an express content delivery network through their cPanel account. Visitors to your site can get your content speedily no matter where they are geographically. Lastly, this web hosting service has never gone below 99.97% and has averaged 100% uptime.


The table below shows the current pricing for JustHost’s cheapest plan.

PlanDurationIntroductory Cost($)Renewal Cost ($)
Basic36 Months3.95/Month11.99/Month
Plus36 Months6.95/Month14.99/Month
Choice Plus36 Months6.95/Month17.99/Month



Let’s break down their overall performance.

Plan Cost ($)Speed (ms)Customer ServiceUnique Services/ FeaturesMajor Cons
Ranges from 3.95-6.95/month731msWell-organized, tailored customer supportFree domain, and easy to use user interface.Unguaranteed backups, small resource limits on shared packages, and poor uptime

And now, here are other independent experts reviews and opinions


1) Dan Nolan

dan nolan, Web hosting, Web hostDeciding on a Webhosting service can be a daunting task. There are lots of things to consider such as disk space and uptime. In the end, it will be up to the user which hosting company will answer their needs and budget. So, here are my TOP 5 Affordable and Quality Webhosting Companies:


A) Siteground 

Has the fastest response time in terms of support. They do have an exceptional Support team wherein they have guaranteed ZERO hold time. This is very important especially when you are faced with unexpected issues with your website.


B) Hostinger  

The price may not be on the cheaper side, however, if you opt-out for a longer plan it can be brought down to $0.99 per month! — Their interface is minimalistic — installing a CMS (ie. WordPress) or accessing your MySQL database, etc., is a whole lot easier. It is beginner-friendly — perfect for individuals or small business owners who do not want to spend a ton on their website


C) A2 Hosting 

Hands-down has the most lightning-fast web server. No other affordable web hosting service can compare to the speed of their servers. This is the best bang for your buck since they have a ton of free features on all their plans such as unlimited storage and data transfer, free site migration, 99% uptime, etc.


D) Lightsail by AWS  

being able to add up to five IP addresses per instance is great! The interface is easy and simple to use — basically the complete opposite of other web hosting services.



2) Simon Dwight Keller

Simon Dwight Keller, Web hosting, Web hostThese are my choices for top affordable web hosting

A) Hostinger

Small businesses have tight budgets, and I believe Hostinger is the best web hosting service because of it’s pricing. Their shared hosting starts as low as $0.99/mo – any business owner can afford it.

Many business owners think that service might be not good because of its low price, but that’s a myth. The uptime, site speed, and support are all too good. They have a 99.9% uptime guarantee along with 24/7 support whenever you need help.


B) Hostgator

With the $2.75/month price, they promise to provide a single domain, one-click WordPress installations, free WordPress / cPanel website transfer, unlimited bandwidth, free SSL certificate, and free domain. HostGator has some good cloud hosting deals, especially if speed is everything. The top tier plans come with SEO tools and dedicated IPs that you don’t need as a small business owner. Unlike Bluehost, it comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee.


C) A2 Hosting:

A2 Hosting is known for its Swift servers, which deliver super-fast website speed at an affordable price. An A2 Hosting web hosting plan focuses a lot on performance by providing Turbo Servers along with other caching and accelerator mechanisms that can increase your website performance by 20X.

Their shared hosting starts as low as $ 2.99 / month – any owner can afford it. The best part, you can choose the location of the closest data center to your audience on all A2 hosting plans.


D) Bluehost

They are the most popular web hosting company for new small businesses because they offer a low-cost hosting option. With a 3-year introductory price of $ 3.95 per month, they provide a free domain name for the first year, a free SSL certificate, and a one-click WordPress installation. 

The customer service they provide should be more than enough reason for a change. They do have experts who respond in seconds.


E) Inmotion

Inmotion Hosting provides fast and secure websites running year-round without any major downtime. All in all, it gives business owners a sense of peace by dealing with all the technicalities related to web hosting. The starting price is $ 3.99 per month with 2 websites, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email, marketing tools, a security suite, and free SSL certificates.



3) Willie Greer

Willie Greer, Web hosting, Web hostHere are the top Affordable and Quality Webhosting Companies which I can recommend based on my experience.


A) Bluehost 

This is so far the cheapest quality hosting company I have come across with. Aside from a 30-day moneyback guarantee, the cheapest plans allow you to use a domain for free. Here are what comes along with their plans.


Unmetered bandwidth

5 email accounts

Free domain (for 1 year, renews at $12.99/year)


One-click WordPress install

Bluehost also has the easiest to access the dashboard and an excellent

WordPress site onboarding.


B) Hostinger 

If you’re looking for the most low-cost hosting site for the long term, hostinger is the perfect Webhosting site for you. The user panel highlights all of the important sections you will need and can be launched in a matter of minutes. The only downside to this is that you are required to sign up for a four-year contract.


C) Namecheap 

If you’re opting for the cheapest month web hosting, Namecheap is the most impressive site you can find, that both offer you the amount of stuff you paid for. Though it’s a bit old school, the user interface is still manageable and user-friendly.


D) iPage 

For those companies who host a couple of websites, iPage offers an extremely cheap plan should you be willing to sign upfront for three years. The best feature of this Webhosting site is that it can host unlimited sites, which makes it the best feature for niche websites.

This includes:

Unlimited websites

Unmetered bandwidth & storage

Unlimited email accounts

Free domain (for 1 year, renews at $9.99/year)


Website Builder



4) Rex Freiberger

Rex Freiberger, Web hosting, Web hostI judge web hosts based on the price (and existence of additional fees), the services they offer, their uptime, and their support.

My favorites 3 web hosts are Bluehost, Hostinger, and Dreamhost. They’re all comparable in price, with Hostinger beating the other two. 


Bluehost is very easy to use. The dashboard is simple to navigate and contains everything you need. 

I’ve always found their uptime to be good as well as their customer support. Load times on their servers leave something to be desired, though, so if you have a resource-intensive site that may not be the best host.


I’d say Hostinger is the best long term host. If you know you’re going to have a site for 5 years or more, they provide the best value. They have a robust website builder for people who may not have any experience creating websites or who do not wish to use WordPress. Uptime is fairly standard and load time is decent.


Dreamhost has comparable offers in terms of analytics, a streamlined dashboard, good support, etc. Dreamhost is a good choice for WordPress since it’s pre-installed, but they also have a site builder that’s not terrible. 

One of their biggest advantages is that they offer a very long money-back guarantee. So if you try out their services and you’re not happy with them, you have more of an opportunity to get your money back.



5) Jennifer Willy Editor

Jennifer Willy Editor, Web hosting, Web hostSome of the best web hosting companies that provide affordable and quality services are listed below. 


A) The first one would have to be Bluehost. Bluehost distinguishes itself from competitors by focusing on innovation at all levels; including customer support, infrastructure, security, and our suite of web tools. 


B) HostGator is another great web hosting company that provides a vast array of tools to take your idea or business online today. They will not only help you achieve your overall website goals but will also provide you with the confidence you need in knowing that you are partnered with a reliable and secure website hosting platform. 


C) Lastly, Hostinger is an extremely fast, secure, and user-friendly website hosting for your successful online projects. Speed and reliability – these are the two most important things you want to evaluate when choosing website hosting. 


Apart from these, two other options are DreamHost and GreenGeeks.



6) Caleb Riutta

Caleb Riutta, Web hosting, Web hostThese are my favorite affordable and quality web hosting companies:

A) A2-hosting

I really loved A2-hosting because of their customer service. I used this hosting provider when I built my first website. Since I was still a rookie, I had to contact the support a lot! It was great since they have 24/7 contact support!


B) Dream Host

I recommend dream host to some of my clients just because they offer a 97 day get your money back policy. It is $2.59 a month but the starter plan works for only one website.


C) Hostinger

Hostinger is a good platform because it only cost 99 cents a month for the starter plan. On top of that, their speed is good and they have 24/7 contact support!


D) Fast Comet

What I like about Fast Comet is their 99.9% uptime and only costing $2.95 a month per site. It is a reliable hosting platform, however, is not the fastest.


E) Host Metro

This is the best deal if you are planning to host more than one site. It is only $2.95 for their Megaplan which offers unlimited websites. The speed is average but overall they are the best bang for your buck in terms of hosting multiple websites



7) Tom Winter

Tom Winter, Web hosting, Web hostI would recommend InMotion Hosting as my go-to web hosting company for many reasons. The unique feature they provide, which is a must-have for any business in 2020, is extremely fast page loading speeds and reliable servers. If your website is down or slow to load up, you can lose potential visitors before they even get a chance to read your content.

Loading speed is one of the leading causes of bounce rate and hosting providers such as InMotion hosting take this seriously, providing you with lightning-speed SSD-backed servers. Although they don’t offer Windows-based servers, their packages for Linux users are some of the best on the market.

Inmotion hosting claims that your website will have 99.9% uptime, making sure it’s always there for your customers.



8) Clovis Chow

Clovis Chow, Web hosting, Web hostHaving switched from Bluehost to Siteground for a few months now, I feel that I can give you my thoughts on your query.

Initially, I chose Bluehost because the price was very attractive, especially after discounts from certain bloggers who were affiliates of Bluehost. However, after using it for a while, my website was loading very slowly. Moreover, what I did not expect was my website to get hacked too.

With the many statistics and data on how site speed greatly affects both the number of visits and site experience, I felt that getting a web host with one of the fastest speeds is crucial. I would not want a situation where my content is great but the growth of my blog is hindered by the slow loading speed and bad user experience.

Furthermore, after having experienced my first website hack, I was

determined to find a more secure web host.

As a result, I shortlisted Siteground and WPX Hosting after being

recommended by trustworthy sources.

Ultimately what led me to choose Siteground over WPX Hosting was the price. The basic plan for WPX Hosting is quite expensive at $24.99 monthly as compared to Siteground’s $6.99.

Other factors that made Siteground stand out were the fast loading speeds and its tight security.

When I switched to Siteground, my website’s loading time plunged to around 2-4s from Bluehost which was 10s or more.

Moreover, one unique thing about Siteground was that they had a data center in my country not far away from my house so my website would be faster.

As for security, Siteground boasts capable security crews that monitor the servers for any intrusion. They ensure that their servers are not overloaded such that security may be compromised.

This is compared to Bluehost, whose servers are often overloaded with poor security measures to prevent attacks.



9) Stacy Caprio

Stacy Caprio, Web hosting, Web hostMy favorite affordable Webhosting company is Namecheap, because they are very affordable, and even more than that, have exceptional live chat customer service. 

Their customer service representatives are incredibly knowledgeable and have always been able to help me solve problems as they come up, something that is indispensable in a good host.